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Bayside Chiropractor | Bayside chiropractic care | NY | Flexion/ Distraction (Spinal decompress)

Dr. Chang (Richard) Kim DC

NY licensed Chiropractor

Neck pain? Back pain?

Disc Herniation?

Posture problem?

Accident injury?


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23-91 Bell BLVD suite 103       P: 718-224-8382

Bayside, NY 11360                  F: 718-224-2844

(The same suite with Bayside Dental)

Flexion/ Distraction (Spinal decompress)

Until you experience a back injury, you have no real understanding of how debilitating it is. Virtually every movement uses one of the back or adjoining muscles. Back pain sufferers experience numbness, weakness, and reduced functioning of the limbs. Back pain interferes with work, sleep, and relaxation as well. If your injury progresses to the point where the disc material moves into spaces occupied by nerves, you are facing back surgery…well until now that is.

Our Flexion/distraction chiropractic tables are designed for especially disc herniated symptoms, and it reduces the pressure of spinal nerve area by compressed disc.

The technology today appears to be a dream come true for those who suffer with compressed disks.

As more people are experiencing relief and full recovery using the technology available, this dream becomes a reality.If you have tried with chiropractic manipulations, physical therapy, drugs, and do not want to assume the risks associated with back surgery, then spinal flexion/distraction treatment, which is similar with spinal decompression method, is the next logical choice.

Bayside Chiropractor | Bayside chiropractic Flexion/ Distraction (Spinal decompress) |  NY |
Bayside Chiropractor | Bayside chiropractic Flexion/ Distraction (Spinal decompress) |  NY |
Bayside Chiropractor | Flexion/ Distraction (Spinal decompress). Dr. Richard Kim is a Bayside Chiropractor.